The Most Important Part of Any Car Wash — The Soap!


Our Quality Products are competitively priced and used in top car wash facilities nationwide. Discriminating car wash operators have relied upon the Shore Corporation name for over 25 years. They appreciate the superior cleaning performance, the outstanding show, and the labor saving economies. Shore Corporation manufactures and distributes a complete line of high performance solutions for tunnel, self-serve and in-bay automatic car washes. We are committed to working with operators to apply the new chemical technologies that become available every day to enhance both the performance and economics of this very competitive business.

Body Cleaning

Shore Corporation Automotive Care Solutions products combine superior cleaning and the most vivid show for you and your customers. Our high quality cleaning and free rinsing products consistently produce the cleanest and shiniest vehicles. No matter how long or at what speed your conveyor operates, our solutions will perform every time.

Wheel/Tire Cleaning

Shore Corporation Automotive Care Solutions wheel cleaners will remove the most stubborn brake dust from any wheel quickly and safely. Your whitewalls will be a consistent brilliant white. Finish the tire off with the gloss of your choice to give your customers the superior appearance.

Product Listing

Tire & Wheel Cleaning

Tire Dressing

Under Body

P/NProduct DescriptionTunnelIn BaySelf-ServeDetailLVWpH
CW178Under Body Rust InhibitorL