Automotive Car Wash Products

That Produce Results

Products designed for all phases in a fully automated tunnel application.

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Self-serve car wash products provide a convenient solution for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance, whether at home or on-the-go.

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In-bay car wash solutions ensure optimal performance, delivering a high shine and detail at a competitive price for maximum profitability in any facility.

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Our detail products are formulated for a superior shine and cleanliness, catering to every detail-oriented customer’s needs from tires to ceramic coating.

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Discover superior cleanliness and shine for your large vehicles with our advanced wash technology for large vehicles. 

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Technology-Driven Solutions

Designed for optimum performance in every application of car wash facilities. Whether it is an automatic or self-serve car wash, our products are formulated to produce the highest shine and detail.

Competitively priced to maximize profitability
Used in car wash facilities nationwide
Available in 55, 30, 15, and 5-gallon containers designed specifically for your application

Keep Your Customers Returning!

Cleaner vehicles
Reduced water left on vehicle
Shinier vehicle

Increase Profitability!

Reduced time to prep
Increased in-line machine dryer effectiveness
Reduced time to hand-dry
Reduced number of employees

Customized Products Available

Products Used in Tunnel Applications

A sample line-up for chemical applications.
Contact us to get a customized line-up for your tunnel, In-Bay-Automatic or Self-Serve system.

A - CW544 Bug Spray

B & D - CW749 Magic One Step

C - CW412 Tire Magic 925

E - CW620 Signature Clean

T - Shore Tunnel Scent

F & G - CW473 Special Mix A Plus 2

H - Shore Body Soaps & Foamers (Tri Foam) see our product list for options

I - CW783 Ultra Concentrate Wheel Clean

J - CW473 Special Mix A Plus 2

X - CW509 Hi Shine Rinse Aid

K - CW767 CeramicLustre®

L - Polishes and Conditioners Carnauba, Clear Coat

M - CW494 Flash Dry Plus or CW608 MagicBlend Repel

N - Tire Dressing (Water or Solvent Based)

For over 40 years,

Shore Corporation has been developing and manufacturing high-performance chemicals and restoration products that you can trust. Cutting-edge chemical technology enhances the performance of our products with visible results. Shore is your source for custom-formulated and blended chemical products.