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For over 25 years, Shore Corporation has been developing and manufacturing high performance chemicals and restoration products that you can trust. Cutting edge chemical technology enhances the performance of our products with visible results. Shore is your source for custom formulated and blended chemical products.

Satisfying the needs of multiple industries by working directly with you to develop and package your specialized formulated products.

Cleaning, Restoration and Protection Products for masonry and concrete structures.

High performance automotive care solutions for Tunnel, Self Serve and In Bay automatic car washes.

Mission Statement

Shore Corporation produces a broad range of formulated chemical performance products, plus others such as certain coatings and water treatment chemicals that have been developed for specialized uses. Most of the products Shore makes are sold under a private label brand name of the purchaser. We invite inquiries for the manufacture of formulated products made by liquid and dry or viscous blending such as pigmented water based coating. We can develop, manufacture, package, and deliver your formulated products.

The products are available for sale in 5, 30, 55, and 275-gallon containers to both distributors and users. Price lists for each customer’s needs are available on request. Price quotations in container sizes smaller than 5 gallons will be furnished for large volume purchases on request.

Shore specializes in solving surface cleaning, restoration, and protection problems through the use of formulated chemical products. If you have such a problem or need a product made, give Shore a call.

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