Our tunnel car wash products are designed to remove dirt, grime, and road salt, while protecting your car’s paint and finish. The result is a clean, refreshed car that looks like new.

Tunnel Car Wash Product Catalog

All chemical solutions are available in 55, 30, 15, and 5 gallon containers. Powders are available in open head drums and 50-pound boxes.

Products Used in Tunnel Applications

A sample line-up for chemical applications.
Contact us to get a customized line-up for your tunnel, In-Bay-Automatic or Self-Serve system.

A - CW544 Bug Spray

B & D - CW749 Magic One Step

C - CW412 Tire Magic 925

E - CW620 Signature Clean

T - Shore Tunnel Scent

F & G - CW473 Special Mix A Plus 2

H - Shore Body Soaps & Foamers (Tri Foam) see our product list for options

I - CW783 Ultra Concentrate Wheel Clean

J - CW473 Special Mix A Plus 2

X - CW509 Hi Shine Rinse Aid

K - CW767 CeramicLustre®

L - Polishes and Conditioners Carnauba, Clear Coat

M - CW494 Flash Dry Plus or CW608 MagicBlend Repel

N - Tire Dressing (Water or Solvent Based)